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An organization’s greatest asset is its talent.


Oftentimes, organizations and managers run out of strategies, resources and tools to activate the best in their employees. Bringing in a fresh set of eyes and a unique toolset can create new possibilities and help motivate individuals and teams to be more effective, productive, and innovative. 


Rhoda+Co specializes in understanding the unique challenges of each institution, auditing and analyzing the core root issues, and establishing a plan of action to course correct and enhance operational success.

Consulting Services

  • Innovative program design and facilitation

  • Organizational talent audits and improvement plans

  • Organizational change strategies and implementation

  • Group facilitation, workshops and retreats

  • Crisis Management

  • Special projects

You’re Part of a Bigger Network

When you work with Rhoda+Co, you join a vast network of leaders and executives in the social sector that can help catapult your success. Rhoda will offer access to experts and co-consult to ensure your outcomes are achieved.

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