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Rhoda Weisman is a Los Angeles-based coach, mentor and skill-builder specializing in people and organizations dedicated to the social good. As the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Rhoda+Co, Rhoda is passionately devoted to developing purpose-driven and innovative leaders across the globe, challenging them to be more visionary and effective than they think possible.

Rhoda has coached and mentored  5000+ leaders in meaningful career positions over her 30-year career. While none of her positions required placing leaders, it became a driving passion for her early on. Rhoda has voluntarily helped place over 500 leaders in the social sector or what she likes to call the soul sector, as its mission is to improve society everywhere. 


She champions organizations to hire, train, retrain and leverage their best and most diverse talent.

For Rhoda, being a coach and mentor is not a job. It is a calling. Her mission is to help leaders at all levels tap into their core values. Rhoda believes that when leaders are values-driven they build a better society;  one that is more equitable, compassionate and creative in designing successful solutions to today’s difficult challenges.

Many have said that Rhoda sees beyond their “surface” to their “essence,” and her gift is to show them their unique path forward. One CEO said, “Rhoda constantly pushes me to think bigger and not only dream about what’s possible but make it a reality. She saw enormous potential in me and made it her mission to make sure I saw it as well.”

Throughout her career, Rhoda has been at the forefront of leadership development. As the Chief Creative Officer at Hillel International, Rhoda was one of the first thought leaders to engage hundreds of thousands Jewish college students in Jewish life, and train them to lead their peers. 

As the founding Executive Director of the Professional Leaders Project, she shaped hundreds of  next-generation executives and volunteer leaders in seasoned organizations to start-ups. And as the Dean of the AJU Graduate School for Nonprofit Management, she modernized the curriculum and restructured the faculty to develop leaders committed to social entrepreneurship and cultural change.

Currently, alumni from all these initiatives and organizations are leaders in the Jewish and social sectors around the globe.


Being a coach and mentor is not a job. It is a calling.


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