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Rhoda+Co’s exclusive method blends coaching, mentoring, and skill-building for maximum impact.

Coaching. By radical listening and employing a series of exploratory questions, Rhoda’s coaching techniques elicit deep reflection, and authentic answers and stories, allowing clients the possibility for transformative change.


Mentoring. Building on Rhoda’s real-world experiences, her mentoring draws upon three-decades of proven results, wisdom, resources and connections. One of Rhoda’s key differentiators is access to her vast network of changemakers that help catapult new and innovative growth opportunities for her clients.

Skill-Building. Change isn’t easy or simple. It often requires learning and re-learning new concepts, methods and techniques and puting them into practice.  Rhoda provides step-by-step guidance, resources and warm partnership to help clients reach their desired, measurable outcomes. 



Let's Talk

Rhoda offers a FREE 30-60 minute intake consultation and coaching session. During that session, she will assess your needs and begin to co-create an actionable plan for your work together. You will walk away with clear outcomes: actionable, measurable and specific.



  • Executive coaching for C-suite and mid-level leaders

  • Leadership coaching for teams at all levels

  • Career coaching

  • Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding

  • People in Crisis



  • Creating Gen Z, Millennial, and Gen-X high-performance cultures

  • Assessing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice talent, diagnosis and skills development

  • Crisis turnarounds

  • Emotional intelligence, resiliency training and behavior change

Professional Partnerships with Co-Consultants

  • Fundraising & Advancement

  • Financial Management

  • Board Governance & Development

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Religious Knowledge & Expertise

  • Communications & Marketing

You’re Part of a Bigger Network

When you work with Rhoda+Co, you join a vast network of leaders and executives in the social sector that can help catapult your success. Rhoda will offer access to experts and co-consult to ensure your outcomes are achieved.

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